Accessible and Affordable Trust Plans

We bring Trusts to retail investors by providing plans that are readily accessible and affordable, so that more people can benefit from the protection that a discretionary Trust gives them.

Plan your financial journey, while protecting and growing your assets with our Trust plans.

Which Plan Is Suitable For You?


SapphirePRO is a regular contribution Trust plan, with contribution commitment terms between 5 years and 30 years, and a regular contribution amount starting from as low as SGD 500 a month. This plan also offers flexible contribution frequencies and a range of investment options.


CitrinePRO is a single contribution Trust plan with a minimum contribution amount of SGD 30,000. The plan contribution allows for a range of investment options to accommodate a wide spectrum of investment risk appetite.

Key Features
Applicants Up to 2 Settlors Up to 2 Settlors
Withdrawal Flexibility Anytime Anytime
Investment Options More than 200 Funds More than 200 Funds
Fees and Charges for
Switching Across
Waived Waived
Assignment of
Insurance Policies
Up to 3 Policies Up to 3 Policies
Benefits Extra Allocation
Plan Fee Refund
Loyalty Bonus
Loyalty Benefit
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