Introducing CitrinePRO

CitrinePRO is a single contribution Trust plan a minimum contribution amount starting from SGD 30,000. The plan allows for a range of investments options to accommodate the wide spectrum of investment risk appetite.

CitrinePRO is developed for individuals who wish to set aside a lump sum of money under the protection of a Trust; while retaining their investment decisions on investment opportunities so as to continue growing its value through investment returns and eventually benefiting their beneficiaries.

Assignment of Insurance Policies

Assign up to 3 insurance policies into your Trust plan at no additional charges.

*Subject to the terms and conditions set out in the insurer’s policy and the approval of Metis SG.

Loyalty Bonus

Loyalty benefit of up to 2 months administration charge waiver.

*Terms and conditions apply

Access The Access The World’s Reputable Fund Managers Reputable Fund Managers

Invest in renowned global fund managers with proven strategies and track records. We provide access to more than 160 funds that will accommodate your financial risk appetite in meeting your financial goals.

The above trademarks belong to the respective owners and such trademarks are to be used with the permission of their owners; of which we have obtained.

The number of fund managers listed above is not exhaustive. For the latest listing of fund managers and funds available, please click here.

Eligibility and Options

Single settlor
or up to 2 settlors
Single contribution starting from
a minimum of SGD 30,000
with flexible withdrawal
Unique Online Platform
To Manage Your Plan
Anytime and Anywhere

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